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Why is my Raspberry Pi slow? – Htop

After you’ve had your Raspberry Pi for a while, you’ve made it run a web server, media centre, Remote Desktop and more you might find it’s a bit sluggish. To find out more try out htop. Traditionally in Linux you…

Wi-Fi for Raspberry Pi – Edimax Nano USB

The Raspberry Pi computer comes without Wi-Fi initially, but it’s true freedom is reached when you connect it wirelessly.  There are a number of options for this, but I’d recommend using the Edimax Nano USB, it’s easy to setup your…

Disk space usage Raspberry Pi

You’ve had your Raspberry Pi working away, first as a media center – then a web server with a database and you’ve been tinkering with lots of other features, so what is taking up your space? Luckily the Raspberry Pi,…

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