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This blog, like so many others on the internet is a place for thoughts, notes and pictures.

I have several passions in life, and these can all be found here – from work related ones, home and family.
In no particular order you will find items on:
Project Management:  With over five years of hands-on experience, from managing outsourced projects to internal projects of various sizes, some tools and thoughts occasionally make it onto this blog.
MySQL:  I have over 12 years of experience of MySQL in commercial applications, and over 15 years of database experience (often alongside managing projects involving MySQL and PHP).  Databases are one of my passions along with the practical skills of managing large database systems, retrieving, analysing and storing of the underlying data.
PHP:  As long as I have used MySQL I have used PHP, with over seven years of commercial programming, as I have moved towards a more managerial role the programming aspect of my life has dwindled, however I still keep my hand in assisting my able team of developers (at work) and my wife (at home) in programming projects.
Linux Servers – Apache, Cpanel, Plesk and other associated technologies.  For over 10 years I have managed a variety of servers, both personally and for the companies I have worked with.  More recently that work has evolved to managing the strategic decisions with servers, however I still get involved in low-level administration .  I have managed server setups of up to 20 servers, distributed over up to three geographically disparate sites.  More recently virtualisation has meant that the number of servers being managed has increased beyond the physical setup along with a new set of challenges.
Hosting to over 200 small to medium companies has seen me exposed to Cpanel and Plesk in roughly equal amounts, along with a brief foray into Ensim based systems.
Photography – A personal passion I have extensively used digital photography since 2000, as the technology has evolved so have my skilled, scattered throughout the site you will see examples of my photography – and sometimes experiments in processing images to improve – or just to amuse myself.
Gadgets – Needless to say with my background gadgets tend to feature highly, as a result gadgets will often be mentioned and reviewed on this site.
Anything and everything else, this site is also used for musings, or anything that might need recording or I find useful – so you might find anything here.