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Why no firewire cable?

You go buy a new camcorder - with SD card recording and mini-dv recording. The camcorder is great - recoding to SD card is a little low quality but the mini-dv is great. The odd thing is that is comes with all cables - including a usb cable - but it doesn't have a firewire cable and firewire is the only real way to transfer the mini-dv content to the computer directly. So why don't they supply the cable?

Mysql Error: Error 13 – Can’t get stat of

Error of the day this one - had a script which used Load Data Infile to load the data from a csv file to a MySQL database table - worked fine previously. After 6 months needed to use it again - everyting seemed fine, except this error kept appearing. Checked the script - file existed etc... so what had changed?