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Coping files between Linux servers – using SCP

For a few years now I keep catching myself transferring files between Linux servers, in a silly way… What I mean is using somthing like ftp, or copying to my desktop and then up to the other server – all…

rm Argument list too long.. Linux Huh? moment.

I recently had a little problem when deleting a store of spam e-mails off one of my personal servers. Basically entering the standard death defying command of “rm -Rfv *” while in a directory (this will delete everything recursively –…

Putty – for SSH

I have ubuntu (kubuntu) on my desktop - this is nearly always on and is great. I then have a Mac in the office at work - running Mac OS X. generally apart from keyboard issues (as i don't have a Mac Keyboard so sometimes the mappings go wonky) - the Mac is fine - no probs, but in order to access SSH the Mac just doesn't have anything to touch Putty.
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