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Iphone 3.0 OS update – initial thoughts

After waiting and hitting the Check for Updates button over and over again – at 7pm BST it finally arrived.. queue the 200+ MB download and the wait…

Once downloaded the update I had to wait for it to transfer the files – then it rebooted – great stuff… until the emergency call slider appeared – hmm – nothing happened – left for 20 mins – nothing happened.  Odd..

Undock, redock – restart – still the same how odd. Time for the old fav – Turn off….. wait 5 mins….and turn on… and hey presto it worked.. So not the most smooth of updates – but nothing I am not used to.

Right first impressions.

It’s fast… Wayyyy fast, my Iphone is overloaded with apps – I mean really overloaded – we are talking 9 pages or so full of apps… and now it’s fast.

Switching between native things such as SMS , phone and dock is great – the hidden page to the left (spotlight) for searching is great… though maybe not too useful for me – I don’t store documents on the phone afterall.

MMS works with O2 and is brill 🙂 about time – not got anyone to send me one yet – but me sending works – so that’s a big plus – suspect it costs me though, need to find out from O2.

Audio recording – brilliant, had an app to do it before – but this actually is higher quality – and the app tended to get confused if interrupted – this works in the background! so you can do things and it’s still recording – excellent!

Bluetooth pairing with headset – AT LAST – my old old phone could do this – and now my iphone can too – no more cables to listen to things I can wear my nice headphones and get the sound – the quality is good too – better than most pairings!

All in all brilliant – now all I need is the new apps (tom tom??) and video recording – which we know the phone can do if jailbroken – so come on – I don’t need high quality – I just need to be able to record my daughter playing sometimes!!

Oh and on itunes it looks like I can buy movies an series.. seems pretty good, what if my space is limited and the download time seems a bit excessive.. we will see.

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