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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

Wonders if anyone else got a flyer from tesco's for solar panels…. and wonders where Tesco's thinks they have 6k+ for them! # Researching Load Balancing for iknow-uk's new webfarm – such fun! Ah well a series of guides might…

Webmail not working in Cpanel

Had a problem earlier this week, webmail couldn't always send e-mail. It was coming back with the following error: SMTP Error: SMTP error: Connection failed: Failed to connect socket: Connection timed out.

Can’t create or edit a file – Linux – but have diskspace?

Have you ever had a linux server or desktop which all of a sudden couldn't create a file - running "df -h" shows you your disk partitions aren't full? You've logged in as root to check - and yup you still can't write any files - even a "touch test.txt" fails with a message saying can't write file - disk or partition full?

Linux – Calculating Diskspace free

With linux servers a couple of things can take up disk-space unexpectedly. Log files is the usual culprit, but if your server is a rented one you might be stuck with a bit of a weird partition setup. For some reason some hosts will give little storage to partitions which then get filled up unexpectedly.
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