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Month July 2009

Exim Mail Server Commands

Those of you with Exim will sometimes needs to do some work on it – here’s a list of the commands which I find most useful: If you want to see what exim is doing right now : “exiwhat” if…

How to use crontab to schedule tasks in Linux

Another of the most useful tools in server administration is the Crontab – you use this to schedule jobs (programs) to run at regular intervals. These tasks can be  varied, from restarting servers, services – creating files, changing permissions, runing…

Adding a new swap partition – Linux

I realised after my previous post I realised that it would be worthwhile talking about adding a new partitition. The first thing you need - or I assume - is that you have a separate hard-drive which is not active (mounted) or can be unmounts using the standard umount command. We assume the device is sdc (it could be sdb, sda, hda1 etc..).

Adding Swap Space without a partition – Linux

We had a problem on one of the servers which I help administer. Every now and again RAM usage would max out and SWAP would then be used - this would sometimes max out and bye bye server, normally this happened for only a few seconds and all was fine - however if it lasted more then when SWAP ran out - the server ground to a halt and needed a manual restart. The server in question is quite busy - but only had 512Meg of RAM (this has since been rectified) historically as it wasn't that busy at first several years ago has slowly grown as websites on it have grown in popularity and databases have grown. So an immediate fix was required
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