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Month September 2007

Big Cat vs Small Cat

In our new house we have had a problem with cats - in the back garden to be precise. Basically the previous owners didn't care about the back & left it grow wild for around five years and all the local cats got very used to using the back garden as a litter tray. After clearing the weeds it's now a case of how to stop them from returning

Ubuntu as home desktop…

For three months now I have used Ubuntu as the operating system of choice replacing windows XP on my home computer. For the most part the transition was quite easy and it's clear why people are begining to talk about it being able to replace windows for some users. But there is of couse always a but - and this is a major one for me. Linux and Ubuntu in particular allows you to easily install programs that are compatible with your particular flavour - e.g. Adept installer, synaptic installer or command line utilities such as apt-get etc... However one problem I have repeatedly come across is I install a program to find that it doesn't work

Putty – for SSH

I have ubuntu (kubuntu) on my desktop - this is nearly always on and is great. I then have a Mac in the office at work - running Mac OS X. generally apart from keyboard issues (as i don't have a Mac Keyboard so sometimes the mappings go wonky) - the Mac is fine - no probs, but in order to access SSH the Mac just doesn't have anything to touch Putty.

Why no firewire cable?

You go buy a new camcorder - with SD card recording and mini-dv recording. The camcorder is great - recoding to SD card is a little low quality but the mini-dv is great. The odd thing is that is comes with all cables - including a usb cable - but it doesn't have a firewire cable and firewire is the only real way to transfer the mini-dv content to the computer directly. So why don't they supply the cable?

Mysql Error: Error 13 – Can’t get stat of

Error of the day this one - had a script which used Load Data Infile to load the data from a csv file to a MySQL database table - worked fine previously. After 6 months needed to use it again - everyting seemed fine, except this error kept appearing. Checked the script - file existed etc... so what had changed?